The feast of the gods
Simon de Vos & Jan van Kessel
1603 Antwerp – 1676 Antwerp & 1626 Antwerp – 1679 Antwerp
W x H
130 x 105cm
Simon de Vos is responsible for the general concept of this painting. All the details were made by Jan van Kessel: the still life, fruits, animals, fish, shells and objects. This sort of joint venture was common practice in the workshop of Simon De Vos around 1635-40. The studio of De Vos worked on copper for export to Nueva Espagne (along Seville, from Cadiz to Veracruz the paintings arrived in Mexico). Commissioned by entrepreneurs as Forchondt and Immerseel specific demands were made in relation to the export price. The size of the copper, the presence of extra details, the number of figures... all this was to be negotiated. Report by Dr. Jan De Maere present, December 22, 2016