Portrait of Jean Wouters (†1516)
Flemish school
To be dated ca. 1510
W x H
32 x 40cm
This painting most likely represents Jean Wouters, it's painted on wood with an arched top. The portrait is presented in its original full frame which shows the text „DE LEAIGE / DE LXX+”, on top, together with the coat of arms of the family Wouters: a chevron gules between three green parrots with five Fleur de lys. The inscription „... VC ... W” is written on the underside of the wooden frame. The painting is a very well preserved work of excellent quality from the Flemish school of the first quarter of the 16th century.
Provenance: Former collection Huyvetter, Ghent, n° 68 with portrait of Guarin de Beste, 1900. — C. Enlart reports the disappearance of these paintings (Two Memories of the Kingdom of Cyprus at the British Museum and the Cinquantenaire Museum in Brussels, in “Memoirs of the Society of Antique Dealers of France”, 7th series, t.9, Paris, 1910, 14-15). — Steinmeyer Art Trade, Berlin, September 1912. He submitted the photos of both paintings to Mr. M.J. Friedländer (now at the “Friedländer Archive” at the Rijksmuseum voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie, The Hague). — Sale Geutzer, Aachen, 1921, lot 101 (with its counterpart, lot 102). — Antiques dealer Julius Böhler, München, August 26, 1921, mentions him as “a portrait of a man, Mr Wouters” as recognized by Dr. Hulin de Loo, Ghent. — Sale Sammlung Felix Ziethen, München, 22 Sept. 1934, No. 46. — Private collection, until 1991.