A village scene
Jan Brueghel the younger
Antwerp 1601 – 1677
W x H
74 x 47cm
The present painting shows a street in a small village. At the right, a woman is levering a bucket from a well, made of stone bricks. Two other women are washing their laundry, part of it already hangs to dry on a line. Two men are directing cattle to- wards a small wooden bridge at the left. Other figures are seen between the farms and large trees are dominating the scenery. The details and the colourful palette provide the image with a sparkling presence. The paint is preserved very well, allowing us to enjoy the beautifully painted details, especially in the figures and the rendering of the foliage. Also the sky is in fine condition, it imbues the landscape with great transparency. The composition is Jan Brueghel the Younger ́s own invention, it does not rely on a painting or drawing by his father. A date during the late 1630 ́s seems most likely in the light of the master ́s stylistic development. This fine and original composition provides a beautiful glimpse into rural life in seventeenth century in Flanders. To the best of my knowledge and in good faith, I remain, Dokkum, The Netherlands, 12 June 2018, Drs Luuk Pijl – specialist Dutch and Flemish landscape painting